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NEW ITEMS – June-August 2023



(LP) = Large Print

Ahern, Cecelia

In a Thousand Different Ways

Benton Frank, Victoria

My Magnolia Summer (LP)

Brown, Sandra

Out of Nowhere

Burke, James Lee

Flags on the Bayou

Castillo, Linda

An Evil Heart

Center, Katherine

Hello Stranger

Colgan, Jenny

The Summer Skies (LP)

Cosby, S. A.

All The Sinners Bleed

Doiron, Paul

Dead Man’s Wake

Edvardsson, M. T.

The Woman Inside

Feist, Raymond E.

Jimmy and the Crawler

Ferguson, Ian

I Only Read Murder

Fluke, Joanne

Pink Lemonade Cake Murder

Harmel, Kristin

The Paris Daughter

Hay, Alex

The Housekeepers

Hirahara, Naomi


Jackson, Lisa

The Last Sinner

Jaworowski, Ken

Small Town Sins

Lapena, Shari

Everyone Here is Lying

Lyons, Annie

The Air Raid Book Club (LP)

Macomber, Debbie

Must Love Flowers

McAllister, Gillian

Just Another Missing Person

McKenzie, Catherine

Have You Seen Her

Montefiore, Santa

Wait For Me

Nugent, Liz

Strange Sally Diamond

Patchett, Ann

Tom Lake

Patterson, James


Pekkanen, Sarah

Gone Tonight

Quinn, Spencer

Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge

Reichs, Kathy

The Bone Hacker

Sager, Riley

The Only One Left

Sanderson, Brandon

The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England 

See, Lisa

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women

Shalvis, Jill

The Sweetheart List (LP)

Silva, Daniel

The Collector

Siple, Joe

The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride

Thacker, Nick

The Peruvian Exchange

Thor, Brad

Dead Fall

Ware, Ruth

Zero Days

Whitehead, Colson

Crook Manifesto

Wiggs, Susan

Welcome to Beach Town

Williams, Beatriz

The Beach at Summerly



Adult Non-Fiction




Domm, Jeffrey C.

Lorimer Field Guide to 225 Ontario Birds

Hollis, B. Dylan

Baking Yesteryear

Legrow, Christine

Saltwater Socks

MacGregor, Roy

Paper Trails: From the Backwoods to the Front Page

Spivey, Dwight

iPad for Seniors for Dummies



Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction (NF)


Alladin, Erin

A World of Mindfulness

Andrews, Kim

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids (NF)

Atkinson, Cale

Simon and Chester – Super Detectives!

Becker, Helaine

The Fossil Whisperer

Blabey, Aaron

The Bad Guys in The Others?!

Blabey, Aaron

The Bad Guys in Let the Games Begin

Blabey, Aaron

The Bad Guys in Open Wide & Say Arrrgh!

Boring, Mel

Birds, Nests and Eggs (NF)

Bow, Erin

Simon Sort Of Says

Britton, Jennifer

If You Could Be Anything

Burns, Diane L.

Trees, Leaves and Bark (NF)

Christmas, Johnnie

Swim Team

Dendy, Leslie

Tracks, Scats and Signs (NF)

Eamer, Claire

Extremely Gross Animals  (NF)

Egan, Catherine


Flett, Julie

We All Play

Grady, Julie

Bird Watch Book for Kids (NF)

Gravel, Elise

The Bug Club

Holden, Sarabeth

Benny the Bananasaurus Rex

Kadarusman, Michelle


Khan, M. T.

Nura and the Immortal Palace

King, Lindsay Christina

Storyteller Skye

Korman, Gordon


Oppel, Kenneth


Pasternak, Carol

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies (NF)

Patterson, James

Minerva Keen’s Detective Club

Pilkey, Dav

Dog Man : Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

Pinnington, Andrea

The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs (NF)

Pinnington, Andrea

The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs (NF)

Santat, Dan

The Aquanaut

Scherer, Dennis

The Sugar Shack Mystery

Schutten, Jan Paul

Inside In: X-Rays of Nature’s Hidden World (NF)

Scott, Jordan

I Talk Like a River

Sher, Emil

I Love You More

Smith, Mark David

The Deepest Dig

Spillett-Summer, Tasha

I Sang You Down From the Stars

Taylor, Chloe

Sew Zoey: Ready to Wear

Taylor, Chloe

Sew Zoey: On Pins and Needles

Vermond, Kira

Why Does My Shadow Follow Me? (NF)

Walliams, David


Walliams, David


Zimmermann, Laura

Mushroom Rain





Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore


Love Again


The Super Mario Bros. Movie



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